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Tight Line Braid Affiliate Program


Tight Line Braid is proud to offer a Affiliate Program! We are looking for qualified, dedicated, and respectful anglers who will be representing TLB in a professional manner on and off the water. Affiliates will be held at high standards as well as encouraged to display enthusiasm and pride while promoting Tight Line Braid.

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See below for requirements and benefits of being part of the TLB Team.


Affiliate General Requirements

  1. Must have social media outlets – Facebook, Instagram, etc. or a personal website. Must follow and share Tight Line Braids posts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Must have a link or tag on your profiles to our website.**Due to us being a new company we are only accepting affiliates that already have an established social media accounts and followings**
  2. Provide quality content at a consistent rate including but not limited to photos, videos, blog entries, social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.) forums, etc.; all content provided via social media can/will become the property to be used by Tight Line Braid at its own discretion on various platforms
  3. Instagram – Must tag @tightlinebraid in post, Facebook @tightlinebraid– Must tag with photos, videos, blogs, etc. Tiktok tag @tightlinebraid Also include both hashtags #TightLineBraid and #tlbfishing.
  4. Maintain a professional standard while promoting or wearing our Brand/Website/Social Media/etc.
  5. Must write reviews on products you know and use on our product pages as well as Facebook & Instagram (If applicable) and encourage other to do so as well.
  6. Post photos while wearing TLB Apparel (Logo Shirts, Technical, or Tournament Jerseys) to social media pages

    Affiliate Commission Rates

    If you are selected, you will be set up with a customer discount code to distribute to your followers, which will offer them free shipping.  You will receive a commission based on all sales generated with your code, which is a standard 10% but up to 25%.

    1. Free Line for the term of Agreement. Will be reviewed yearly but we can terminate at any time if not following our requirements or partaking in activity that would effect our company. This line is for the affiliate only.

    2. Discount code for friends, family, and followers.  This code will offer them free shipping.

    3. Sign up bonus for any new tackle stores we have not already made an agreement with or started the process with.

 Due to the nature of how the affiliate system works here at TLB, Please allow up to 3 Weeks to have a response from our team. We will reach you by email primarily.

Please contact us via email, no phone calls.-Tight Line Braid Team

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